Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion Movie Review

Cast: PrabhasAnushka ShettyRana Daggubati, Sudeep, SathyarajRamya Krishnan, Nassar, Tamannaah, Adivi Sesh

Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion has been the most awaited movie for Indians and also the people abroad. It has shown this by crossing 100 Crore + INR on the very first day. It has also reached Rs. 200 Cr. Mark in first two days of release. Karan Johar, Indian Film Producer and Director has written a tweet mentioning of SS Rajamouli, The Director of Bahubali Series, as the greatest director of our generation. The movie starts with Katappa narrating the story of Amarendra Bahubali to his son Mahendra Bahubali. It starts with Comedy then, moves to Drama and finally, Action. The Special Effects at First were good and digestible, But later some of the scenes went on to another level which were not digestible to me. Example –

  1.  When Amarendra Bahubali ( Prabhas ) takes Devasena ( Anushka Shetty ) to his palace, the ship in which they are travelling is even better than The one in The Pirates of The Caribbean and can even Fly !
  2. They have given some superhuman powers to Prabhas a.k.a. Amarendra Bahubali as well as Mahendra Bahubali.
  3. I felt like, They have tried to take the qualities of some famous Hollywood characters like, In one scene, Bahubali becomes super fast very similar to that of X-Men’s Quicksilver and in another takes a hammer and becomes destructive like that of Marvel’s Thor.
  4. Moreover, A scene comes in which Mahendra Bahubali, along with his troops goes from one side of land into the castle using coconut trees.

This Scene ( BELOW ) was particularly everyone’s favorite and made them clap, whistle and even stand in which Mahendra Bahubali is about to kill his father’s murder and a cruel king with handicapped brain, who is actually Mahendra’s Uncle and Amarendra’s Brother, Bhallalladeva ( Rana Daggubati ).Bahubali-2a

I would conclude by saying that I loved the work by the whole Bahubali Team and appreciate SS Rajamouli Sir’s devotion towards the movie. The movie was entertaining and the story was good, though the use of special effects was very high at some events but I still Give Bahubali 4/5 Stars for SS Rajamouli Sir’s great story-telling skills and the hard-work of all the actors. You should check this movie out and finally know Why did Katappa kill Bahubali. It was a perfect blend of Comedy, Drama And Action. Ratings from different people are listed below.

  • IMDb – 9.2/10
  • Times of India – 4/5
  • AgarwalSaab – 4/5*

* These Ratings Are Given by The Author On The Basis of Story, FX, Direction, Music and Demand in theatres. 

– AgarwalSaab, An Honest Indian Critic

The Bug : Politics

Nowadays, the greatest bug that is making us suffer is Politics and no one wants to end it. There were days when people like Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose fought for our nation but Now political parties are busy fighting with each other and not for the nation. They are so busy in political fights or warfares that they don’t get time to think for our nation. It is a matter of discussion that How Can Politics Continue but there’s an end of internal warfares. Please comment your opinions.

Ojal Agarwal

How I began to write ?

This is the blog I am writing to tell you all how I found the potential in myself and started writing for fame. So, this happened when I was told to write a story in my tution for the exam preparation about 2 or 3 years ago. My story really made me tution famous when my teacher appreciated it. But, then I didn’t take it seriously and stopped writing and then, I read the Biography of JK Rowling last year and was inspired to write storie. I started writing stories so late but my songs and poems which I wrote were appreciated for 2 years and counting. And now I am looking for fame on Web as I see people like me getting fame online which I couldn’t collect in 2 years. Now, I am writing for fame and money unlike the time when I was writing for fun. Thank you.

Ojal Agarwal

The Jio Effect 

Hello everyone, I am your one and only Ojal Agarwal and today we’ll talk about the Nation-Wide Magic by Mr Mukesh Dhirubai Ambani, Jio,  World’s fastest growing Telecom company with over 50+ Million users. The Jio Thing as I call it had greatly affected YouTube’s customers and creators and this is my personal experience as I am also a YouTube content creator. The growth of YouTubers has reached to a milestone with Jio. Many social networking sites have also gained customers worldwide. The Jio Thing has greatly affected India but is going to be stopped on 30th June and after 30th June it is going to be a paid service unlike now. The Cyber-Criminal Activities Can Also Grow But Hope it doesn’t. It was a great thing after demoneti$ation as people now didn’t have to go for regular recharges. If you have something that I have missed, the comment section is for you. Thank you. 

Ojal Agarwal

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